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 "I Love Little Joe's!!! I've been going to this family owned restaurant since I was a little kid....When I recently moved back to the burbs I was happy to be close to it again, and introduce it to my son. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was that they had remodeled. From the bathroom to the little cozy dining room, everything is modern and updated....They even added a few slot machines! FunI was a little nervous that the food may have changed too--but thank goodness nothing about the food has changed since my childhood. It's super awesome!!!! I love the classics....Loaded Dog and cheese fries are the best on the planet. I lived all over Chicago, been in the restaurant businesses for over a decade and eaten myself through just about every neighborhood.  I know killer awesome food. Don't even talk to me about a better Beef--- Because there isn't one....Unreal....You can literally taste all of the time, quality and love cooked into the delicious layers of perfectly seasoned meat. The staff is super cool too.....When I came with my son I asked them for a plastic knife so I could cut his hot dog up for him. Now every time I come up to the counter they have a tray ready with his little knife and remember our order! It seems like they know everybody who walks in the door so you kind of feel like you are a part of something special when you eat there. You don't find a lot of places like that in the suburbs so if there was a 6th star to give--- it would be for the staff. When family works together, it makes customers feel like they are a part of the family.  The only negative thing about Little Joe's is sometimes I have to go a few blocks out of my way to avoid driving past it....If my son gets anywhere near the proximity he will literally beg for it...Lol. It doesn't get any better than Little Joes." - Julie L. 

"I love this place.  I eat here each time I come into town.  I started going there is the 70's and still love coming back.  The hot dogs are the best in the world." - Juanita W.

"I've been going here for over 10 years now and they have my favorite chili out of any place I've ever eaten at. Their sausage and beef is really good pretty much everything on the menu that I've had is really good, you can't go wrong eating here." - Slobodan J.

 "Let me start by saying I grew up eating it only the best hot dog stands and beef joints in the city. I'm talking maxes al's beef Mr. beef Gene and Jude's poochies Irvings flukies  Big Herms just to name a few. I was introduced to Little Joe's about two years ago I live about 20 miles away and yes I do make the trip just for a sausage sandwich. The hotdogs are amazing the beef is great and the sausage is the best around . If you like old-school throwback stuff you grew up on don't hesitate to stop at Little Joe's You get greeted with a smile every time you walk in the only bad thing is Sundays aren't nearly as good because they're closed" - Dave F.  

 "THE BEST Italian beef and hot dogs in the burbs; quite possibly the best beef around. Homemade every day. And the giardinera is homemade too! A great family-owned spot." - Lora W. 

 "The BEST Italian Beef and sausage combo anywhere. Have been a patron for +40 years. 1st place I visit when back in town." - Drew M. 

 "Been to many places for Italian Beef but this one by far superseeds most of them, always fresh and consistently delicioius, glad you guys are not that far." - Miguel M.

 "Stopped in for the first time since 1981. Used to eat lunch here all the time but left area. It is just as I remembered and still just as good! The beef is still the best I ever tasted. The fries were fresh, clean tasting. I could see the oil they were frying them in and it was as clear as a bell. What a tender flavorful roll. I am back for good!  What a great business, long may it continue" - Mike M.

" Little Joe's has the 3 S's-spectacular, sensational, and scintillating.  Whether you like beef or sausage, Polish or chili, or cheese on the side, this is the place for you.  Love Little Joe's!!  Love love love it!!" - Jackie W.

"Saw them on Chicago's Best TV and just had to make the 30 min. drive to check them out. I was not disappointed and the family run business' are always my favorite. Home cooking that's served up with a smile and quality!" - Tim H.

  "I have loved this place for years!  Best Italian Beef I've ever had.  Reasonable prices.  Atmosphere is authentic rather than commercial.  The emphasis is on the food." - Christine M.

 "My buddy takes these "to go" and brings them to work for all of us. After 20 minutes in the car and half cold the hot dog is still the best! Don't forget the fresh house made giardiniera!!" - Nick T.  

 "Always look forward to having a delicious Italian beef sandwich when we are in the area! Everyone is so friendly, and this past Fall Angela and fellow employees went the extra mile for me to make it possible to bring some Little Joe's to my dad in St Louis... it really meant a lot!" - Kathy B. 

 "I have been going to little Joe's since I've been a kid, & now I bring my kids in there!! Best Italian beef around. Best is the homemade peppers on my beef.  They recently added a BLT its the bomb melted mozzarella cheese all I can say Yummy!!! Everything I have ever tried has been very tasty!! Very friendly. I like it that one of the owners are always there very important. Now go get a beef with hot peppers!!" - Sam B.

 "This place is a hidden gem! Whenever I get home from vacation, the only place I crave is Little Joe's Italian Beef.  The owners are very friendly, and the place has been open since 1970, so you're pretty much assured a delicious beef. " - Alex P. 

 "Glad that I took the advice of the yelpers. This is a great, local, no-frills joint. Places like this are one of the joys of living in Chicago:  it seems as if there's a mom & pop gem around almost every turn. While Al's a couple doors down may have the name recognition, I can guarantee you that I will go to Little Joe's 10 times out of 10. The beef was shredded into very small pieces and had excellent flavor. The fries were cooked well done and excellent as well." - Brent D.

 "This little place was fantastic.  Relaxed atmosphere, wonderful people at the counter, and some amazingly satisfying food for very little money.  Loved every bit of it." - Nicholas C. 

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